Uprooted – The Start of A New Spiritual Journey

If you would have asked me a couple of days ago “Why- Why leave?”, I could only answer with, because I have to.  For those of you who are new to my journey on Friday evening, August 25th, 2011, I realized I needed to put myself in time-out.  I simply needed to get away from it ALL.  I reached the point of physical, emotional, and spiritual bankruptcy. As a through-and-through giver of myself, it was heartbreaking and panicking to realize I had nothing left to give.

It came as a shock to some of my friends, but it was a shock even to me. I had been feeling as though I was right in sync with God’’s plan for my life. Doors were opening. My dreams were coming true. I was gaining momentum. And then, without notice, I could not move another step forward. I knew I had to re-focus.

I made the decision to leave everything behind for an unknown period of time to stop and seek God. It might sound crazy or weird –- honestly, it kind of is. I have no plan. No money. No clue as to where I am headed, but what I have is faith & support , and the understanding in my heart that something has to change.

I have faith that God is leading me on this journey and I claim the promises I know He has declared for His believers. I also have the support of friends and family who are the wind beneath my wings *hahaha*
I just had to say that.  But really, I have been blessed with friendships that give me the stability and encouragement I need to follow my heart.

Just 3 days into my  journey I believe light has been shed on the “”why?””. I believe that doors were indeed opening and that God’s purpose for my life was about to be unleashed in a way I cannot comprehend, but unless I stop and get firmly rooted in Him I will get blown away.


Spiritual Strength

“Every believer must determine to do whatever it takes to develop inner strength and spiritual capacity so they can be strong in the Lord. That spiritual strength and capacity will enable you to fulfill your destiny in the face of any and every obstacle.

What exactly is spiritual strength? Quite simply, spiritual strength is the ability to carry an enduring heart that follows after God even when His calling or message is not popular at the time. It is the capacity to live in hard spiritual climates when those around you give up, break rank and run from their faith in God. It is the capability to cart the fire of God’s glory according to His will and not your own. Spiritual strength is the endurance beyond the “norm” of moderate Christian living that comes out of pressing into Jesus for more of Him. Jesus said, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled”.”

“Spiritual endurance is an outstanding mark of a victorious Christian. It is the presence of inner strength and hope in the hidden man, the staying power of a faithful believer, and is well-displayed during life-squeezing moments. Its stability is not for just a short period of time, but for a lifetime.

 Spiritual endurance is more than a notable will to achieve something in life. Some may not be aware, but it is an inspiring exhibition of God’s grace. Spiritual endurance is an amazing result of a well-understood and sufficient grace of God being revealed through a believer’s life. It is joy and strength-producing grace.”



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