Day: Saturday, September 3rd
Time: 8:00 pm
Place: My Mom’s House
Mood: in awe


I have never really gambled – and I for sure have never heard the loud ringing bells that sound when you win big at a casino. But, I feel like I just hit the jackpot! So I will sound the winning bells myself…


I thought I knew just what that meant and all that it encompassed. It just means you have a lot of smarts right!?!?!
=P just kiddin’. But, man wisdom is far more powerful and important than I ever knew.

I don’t know if it is the phase of life I am in or what but Proverbs has really been hitting the spiritual spot for me. I swear I have read from Proverbs before, but it is like the light bulb came on and I am beginning to really understand the importance of making seeking wisdom a priority.

Just a few tidbits I have learned about wisdom so far…

It starts with God. The first step in learning is bowing to God.
God gives out wisdom for free
With wisdom comes common sense, a personal body-guard, and the special attention of God
It’s worth far more than money in the bank
It blesses you when you hold it tight
It keeps you alive and well
It helps you sleep without worry
It helps you stay calm when you are surprised or ambushed
If you have wisdom you are rewarded with honor
It guards your life
It gives you grace and beauty
It gets you out of tight spots and sticky situations
It is a beacon for your life
It leads to sanity, knowledge and direction
It provides good counsel, common sense, insight and virtue
It leads to life – real life
It is better than anything you could wish for
It helps leaders to rule
Those who look for wisdom find it
Wisdom is accompanied by wealth and glory
Honor and a good name follow wisdom
It’s benefits are worth far more than a VERY BIG salary

Those are just a some of the things I have learned about wisdom and there are still 23 more chapters to go!

Needless to say the #1 spot on my priority list goes to bowing to God  – giving Him my first and best – to gain WISDOM!

Watch out world! I just hit the jackpot!!!
and this is just the beginning…


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