Rebel WITH a Cause

Day: Thursday, September 8th
Time: 9:20 am
Place: My Mom’s House
Mood: humbled


Yesterday was awesome. I spent the day at the park (which by the way turns out had free internet! SCORE!) and went through Tim Elmore’s Life Planning in 10 Steps. I have done something similar before but always in a group setting with limited time. So, being alone with God made the process soooooo much better and more fruitful.

Half-way through the day I got giddy and the lyrics “something tells me I’m into something good” came to my mind =)  I know. I know. That’s an awfully strange song to think about while you are seeking God for purpose and direction.

What can I say, I am a rebel 😛

I bend the rules sometimes (or conveniently forget the rules). I find myself coloring outside the lines. I can be a non-conformist  (but we are not supposed to conform to this world right!?!?!) I test the limits… BUT, after my D.A.W.G. I have to tell ya.

This is one Rebel WITH a Cause.

I feel somewhat intimidated to share my “Cause”. But it isn’t real unless you tell someone, right?  I need accountability to help me not lose sight of what I was created to do, so here goes nothin’…

My Mission

God gave me to the world to:

Globally equip and inspire women of all ages and from all walks of life
by teaching them who they are*
and by exhorting them to fulfill the purpose for which they were created,
so that they may experience a fulfilled life.

An Uncovered Purpose =A Fulfilled Life = A Beautiful Life

* You have to know who you are {in Christ}, before you know what to do {your purpose}
Exhortation: appeal, urge, encourage, call, incitement (motivate), advice, counsel


My Purpose

As a friend and follower of Jesus, I purpose to be a catalyst for the world through:

1. Inspiring the Lost:
I want to impact 1 million people for Christ by sharing my God-given gifts and grace

2. Equipping Women of All Ages:
I will influence women of all ages by creating devotionals, books, curriculum, and teaching & training experiences to equip girls to be who they were created to be.   

3. Recruiting Women through Exhortation:
I will invest in and multiply passionate workers through mentoring and motivating women to uncover and fulfill their purpose.

Catalyst: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action


Remember: If the size of your dream isn’t intimidating to YOU, it is probably intimidating to God.
-Pastor Steven Furtick

After I read back to myself what I wrote I was so humbled I cried. Really!?!? Really God? You created ME to do THIS?
But this is my passion. This is my heart. This is worth dying for.

Only if you have something worth dying for, do you really have something worth living for.

Do you have something worth dying for?



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