Sweet Spot

Day: Tuesday, September 20th
Time: 2:00 pm
Place: Mom’s house
Mood: oh so happy 😀


Imagine a Circle with 3 rings. The innermost circle is your comfort zone. The center ring is your sweet spot. The outer ring is “La-La-Land”
Comfort Zone = the area where you can operate on your own. It does not take faith to operate in this zone. You rely on your own abilities and strengths.

The Sweet Spot = the spot where you utilize the gifts you have been given, but you are operating outside your own power – you are doing something bigger than yourself!

La-La Land = the Land where you grasp to do things that are outside your area of excellence. “I love coffee, so I think I will open a coffee shop.” But business is not something you are good at or enjoy. You are often miserable living in this land because you have not been equipped with the skills to be successful in that particular arena.

I spent all last night and this morning listening to Pastor Steven Furtick’s series “The Prodigy in Me”.  It was simply amazing and I recommend that EVERYONE watch it! Click HERE to check it out! 😀

Are you living in your sweet spot?

We live in a society that relishes comfort. We are willing to give, but not untill we feel it. We are willing to help as long as it does not interfere with what we want. We don’t like to sacrifice comfort. We love to operate within our power. We like to feel confident, in control,  and sure of ourselves. We like to know we can handle “it”. But, we were NOT put on this earth to be comfortable.

These are some notes that I took from Pastor Steven Furtick’s messages:

God will keep you in your sweet spot, but he will never leave you in your comfort zone.

God is going to use you according to the gifts He gave you.

God knows what He put in us. He will only require something from us that He already gave to us. (You know how you can BUMP your cell phone to another cell phone? You decide what you want to move from one phone to the other and then you BUMP them to transfer the data. We have all been BUMPED by God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We did not get everything they have, but they decided what we would need and then they transferred those gifts to us.  – Pastor Furtick explains it much better…)

God will always call us out of our comfort zone.

Every time God uses us it is outside of our comfort zone, but it is always in our sweet spot.

In the comfort zone you know you can do it. In the sweet spot we don’t think we can do it, but God knows we can do it. STAY IN YOUR SWEET SPOT.

The sweet spot is the intersection where God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness… BUT His purpose is fulfilled in my strength.
God put gifts in me because there is something He wants to do through me.
If you are going to be greatly used by God then… you must do 4 things:

1. Will you embrace your misery (burden and brokenness)   and make it your ministry? Your misery is a clue to your ministry…
2. Will you exchange your comfort for your calling?

3. Will you put the wrong ones out and put the right ones in? You have to have the right voices to make the right choices. Who are the top people who I am going to let speak into your life? The 5 people who have the most access to your life greatly depicts where your life is headed. Are you surrounded by the right people?

4. Will you take your stand against the enemies of your God? When you are part of the family there are things you must always stand against. We as Christians stand against injustice, sin, compromise, the devil… The devil puts opposition in your life because you are close to what you are about to achieve… the purpose that God put you here to accomplish. If you are going through hell KEEP GOING! You must be getting close to fulfilling your purpose.

Choose to stay out of your comfort zone and take risks for God.

Life is sweeter when you are living in your Sweet Spot 🙂


One of my all time FAVORITE songs…

The Voice of Truth
 By: Casting Crowns
check it out 🙂


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