A Night to Remember

Day: Monday, October 10th
Time: 9:45pm
Place: My bedroom 
Mood: loved and fully loaded

I have a million things to do to prepare for my job tomorrow and I don’t want to do it . Don’t get me wrong I love my new job, BUT, I wish I could just soak up the love of my Father tonight. There is not a lot I am going to write but I have to take a moment to record what happened at church tonight.

I am so overcome with emotion… and with pure PEACE.

I just have to breathe it in. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale.

ahhhhhh….. God is good, folks, God is good.
Okay, so on with the story….

Matt Shull spoke at church on Sunday about destiny and that is when I realized I was finally “Planted”. Well, he spoke again tonight continuing preaching about destiny and how God needs us full and fully loaded to accomplish His destiny for our life.

I was filled.
I was re-loaded.
I was restored.

“God’s annointing is on you.All that you have lost will be given back to you and your life will have a 180 turn around this year. it is all coming together.”

Big things are coming. Watch out world!

Tonight I am filled with peace and joy. I want to bottle this feeling up so I never forget how I felt on this day.



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