The Ripple Effect

As a kid we spent much of our time during the summer at the river, lake or creek going on picnics and skipping rocks. Or in my case, I spent much of my time “trying” to skip rocks. But, to my disappointment, I was more of a rock thrower than a skipper.

When a rock is thrown into the water it causes beautiful ripple effect that grows much larger than the actual rock that was thrown in. This is a great visual example of how the choices that we make have an effect that can be much more impactful than we might think.

Sometimes we feel as though we don’t have much to offer – that our small contributions couldn’t really make that much of a difference. However, even a small “rock” that is for Jesus can leave a ripple effect much bigger than the point of impact.

God can use small things to reach far beyond us and affect the lives of others.

No sacrifice is too small when it comes to giving of our time, talent, words, and money. Not to say that we should try and get by with doing the minimal amount possible, but this should give us encouragement that when we feel as though are doing something insignificant, we can to remember that God can mightily use our sacrifices to touch many lives.

It is important to remember that every choice we make, good or bad, affects others. Sometimes we belive that when we  make small compromises such as a small addiction, one snide remark, or one inappropriate movie or picture that it is not that big of a deal, but those choices can have an even bigger negative impact than we realize.

Do the decisions you make in life cause others to be pulled away from Jesus or do your actions push others toward Him?

I want the things I do and the choices I make to leave a ripple that points back to Jesus.


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