The Chains that Hold Us Captive

Our country has always thought of ourselves as being “the land of the free and the home of the brave”, but everyday I encounter people who long to be free – free from the chains that hold them captive.

The chains that keep them from living the life they were created to live. The chains that hold them back from the dreams in their hearts. The chains that cripple them from moving forward.

Fear. Addiction. Insecurity. Past mistakes. Hidden sins. Adultery. Sexual immorality. Doubt. Painful experiences. Loss. Divorce. Lies. Unforgiveness. Depression. Anxiety. Hurts.

Each of these things has the power to bind us, hinder us, and keep us from living life to the fullest. Sometimes these things leave us paralyzed, feeling defeated and hopeless. Everyday I hear people ask “How?”

How can I overcome?

How can I succeed?

How can I fit in?

How can I make progress?

Although they may not say it, I know what they are really asking is “How can I be free?”

How can I get rid of this burden?

How can I escape this chain that is holding me captive?

How can I overcome?

How can I enjoy life again?

Although being free from your chains might seem impossible, I am here today to tell you that it is not. I have been set free from the chains that held me in bondage. The chains that altered the way I viewed myself. The chains that made me doubt in my value and worth. The chains that kept me from living with purpose and confidence.

I have the answer to breaking free.

I know the solution.

I know because I have experienced first-hand in my life that:

There is power in the name of Jesus to break EVERY chain.

Tonight the words of this song are on my heart, and as I sing it the faces of people that I love, the faces of people who confide in me, the faces of those I lead, and the faces of people I barely know are who I see scrolling across my mind.

I see chains breaking, and people being set free – and I can’t help but be excited. 


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